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Welcome and Post to the AIA's NEW Marketplace
« on: March 02, 2020, 11:55:12 am »
Hello Arrowhead Neighbors, ;D

Welcome to the NEW AIA Marketplace!!  This marketplace replaces the old one from

Like the old marketplace, this NEW Marketplace site provides a place for AIA owners & residents to post items or services for sale, swap or barter or services needed.

When posting your item/s, it is recommended:
1.  You must create a user name and password to post on this site.  It's recommended you use your LAST name and your FIRST name, or if your first name is too long, your first initial.
2.  Title your item in the "Subject" section: Example:  "3-Piece Bedroom Set for Sale"
3.  Provide as much detail or specification information about the item/s you're trying to sell.
4.  Provide your contact information.
5.  If you have a photo of item/s, you can upload and post within your message thread.
Note: you need to be logged in to this site in order to see the photos.

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